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Creativity Consultants Worldwide

is an artistic and educational partnership between Horst and Jennifer Kornberger. We understand ourselves as culture makers and an agency for constructive change. We offer talks and keynote presentations on creativity, imagination and paradigm change as well as  two workshops:  The Taliesin Project,  The Delphi Process. We specialise on creating cultural events and festival in the service of collective transformation. We are available produces a range of works including installations and immersive events, combining elements of site activation, experimental theatre, secular ritual, soundscape, film, and spoken-word. Our work aims to resurrect the essentially human stance in a challenged world. It is conceived as a therapy for civilisation, enacting the future we wish to inhabit. For more information visit Theatre of the Sea.

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The Taliesin Project

is based on the Welsh story Taliesin,  an initiatory tale whose topics are highly relevant to the situation of the world today. The  story of the bard/initiate Taliesin and his ward Elfin explores the stages of a truly creative response in times of societal and environmental crisis. Topics such as the birth of the poetic/creative capabilities and their inevitable confrontation with the, self- doubt,  complacency,  abuse of political power, media manipulation and environmental devastation reveal their timeless dimension in this project.

Available as a one day workshop or extended seminar or online course (on request,) The project is based on Horst Kornberger's book Taliesin - recovering the poetic self.

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The Delphi Process

was developed out of The Delphi Project and explored the uses of collective imagination for current questions, visioning and problem solving. The process can be adjusted to communities and teams.

The Project is based on Horst Kornberger's book The Delphi Project, available  here.

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