If innovation is the outcome you want, imagination is the input you need

What we do


We coach individuals and teams to reach full creative potential by developing their imaginative capacities through metaphoric thinking. We offer keynote talks on creativity, imagination and paradigm change.

Our Expertise


As practising artists in a variety of fields we know the creative process intimately. As experienced creativity coaches we have the skills to teach it.

Our Seminars


Our seminars and workshop are designed to significantly improve the creative potential in individuals and teams.


The Nuts and Bolts of Creativity seminar unlocks creative competence through Metaphoric Thinking and a number of other highly effective modalities.

Metaphoric Thinking is the core skill of creative thinkers in business, science, art and social innovation. Our step by step process mobilises this key capacity for innovation and constructive change.

Available as a one day workshop or extended seminar. 

Breakthrough is based on the Celtic of Taliesin, an archetypal narrative capable of  liberating poetic and metaphoric capacity in beginners and non-poets. Available as online course and on request.   

The Delphi Process was developed out of The Delphi Project 

and explored the uses of collective imagination for current 

questions, visioning and problem solving. We are available to adjust the process to the needs of communities and teams.

The Delphi Project has also become a book and is available in paperback and ebook. Click here  to buy a copy.