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I work as an interdisciplinary artist fusing visual, conceptual, environmental and performative elements. My abiding interest is in art, educations and meditative enquiry as agents of personal and societal transformation 

HORST KORNBERGER is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, writer, poet, performer and researcher into the field of imagination and creativity. Horst was born in Austria in 1959 and began his career as a visual artist. He studied Speech and Drama in England, Goethean Studies in the US and Waldorf Education in Australia. Horst is a director of The Writing Connection, Theatre of the Sea  and Creativity Consultants Worldwide.

Horst is the author of several books: Global Hive - bee crisis and compassionate ecology, The Writer’s Passage, The Power of Stories, The Delphi Project, and Taliesin – recovering the poetic self. 

Horst lectures internationally on themes of creativity, education, ecology and the use of the imagination as a healing and community building tool. Horst’s current artistic practice focuses on creating fields of interdisciplinary enquiry.

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