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Curriculum Vitae Horst Kornberger


NAME                                      Horst Kornberger

ADDRESS                                PO Box 465, Hamilton Hill, WA – 6963, Australia

TELEPHONE                             ++61 (0)8 9331 1880







DATE & PLACE  OF BIRTH       2 December 1959, Klagenfurt, Austria



2011     Certificate IV, Small Business Management

1998     Certificate for Waldorf Education Teacher Training, Sophia Centre for Anthroposophical Studies, Perth,

1996     Bachelor of Arts (Anthroposophical Studies), Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, California

1993     Goethean Studies, Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento California

1991     Goetheanum Diploma for Speech Formation and Dramatic Art, The London School of Speech Formation and Dramatic Art, East Grinstead, England



ILP - Institute for Learning Practitioners

FAWWA – Fellowship of Australian Writers in WA

OOTA –Writers Centre



2018      Co-founder of Theatre of the Sea,  a contemporary performance company

2017     Taliesin – recovering the poetic self, Bibra Lake and Swanbourne, WA

2016     The Delphi Project: a project in Greece working with collective imagination.

2016     Writing Artworks, creative writing course in Bibra Lake and Swanbourne, WA

2016     Art = Life, Art History Course at Rudolf Steiner College, Perth

2015     The Writer’s Passage II, Bibra Lake and Swanbourne, WA

2014     Early Birds of a Feather - early morning writing experiment at PSAS, Fremantle

2014     Thinking with the Southern Hemisphere of the Brain - a blog on imagination and paradigm change:

2014     The Life Map - Goethean Studies: a course in spiritual eco-literacy, Parkerville and Bibra Lake

2014     Writing the Life Map - a Goethean approach to the nature of writing, year-long part-time creative writing course in Bibra Lake and Swanbourne

2013     Talks in Tandem – a series of public dialogues curated by Horst Kornberger at PSAS, Fremantle

2013     Imaginal Literacy Programme – developing imagination as a cognitive tool

2012     Co-founder of The Writing Connection    

2012     Cofounder and director of Creativity Consultants Worldwide – enabling profound innovation

2011     Lecturer and co-ordinator at Rudolf Steiner College, Perth

2011     Worldwork for Writers – creative writing as an ecological act, School of Integral Art, Perth

2011     Co-founder of The Festival Course – School of Integral Art, Perth

2010     Independent student at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

2010     Lectures and workshops in Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA and New Zealand

2009     Bardo of the West a course on biography that explores the life after death through communal imagination

2009     Lecturer in the Curriculum Journey, Rudolf Steiner College

2008     Seven Steps to Creativity: creative writing course facilitation 

2004 -  2011Facilitation of study meetings for the teaching faculty of the Perth Waldorf School

2007     Lecturer and co-ordinator in Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy

2007     Co-founder of Rudolf Steiner College, Perth

2006     Developing the Metamorphosis Process– working with communal imagination

2006     The Calling - a course for men seeking orientation in their lives

2006     Biographical Writing – from memory to imagination

2005     Pioneering online creative writing course Working the Word

2004     Founder and director of the School of Integral Art

2004     Founder and lecturer in Story Medicine Programme

2003     Founder, director and lecturer in Working the Word - Creative Writing in Process                             

2001 – 2004 Co-founder of Vortex Flowforms – production and distribution of Flowform water features in WA

1999 – 2003 Director and Main Lecturer of the Goethean Studies Programme at the Sophia Centre, Perth

1997 – 2098 Coordinator and Lecturer of the Waldorf Teacher Training Programme at the Sophia Centre

1995 – 1996 Lecturer for Goethean Studies, Anthroposophy and Speech and Drama at Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, California

1994     Coordinator and Main Lecturer of the Foundation Year at the Sophia Centre for Anthroposophical Studies,

1993     Lecturer at the San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training College and Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento

1992     Speech Therapist at the Raphael Medical Centre, Sacramento, California

1986     Co-founder of the “Stadtinitiative Wien”  (A cultural centre for Anthroposophy in Vienna, Austria)

1979     Designer for the Brass-Foundry Jesch, Eberndorf, Austria

1993 – 2010 Numerous workshops public lectures and in-services for Waldorf Schools

1970 – 2008 Working as a visual, environmental, installation and conceptual artist



1983     Lightwork Installation and Paintings, Monastery of St Georgen, Austria

1984     Paintings and Drawings, Galerie Caneri, Graz, Austria

1986     Paintings and Drawings, Galerie Modena, Vienna, Austria1987     Lightwork Installation, Christian Community Hall, Vienna, Austria

1992     Paintings, Peaceful Valley Studio, Colfax, California, USA

1993     Paintings, Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, California, USA

1997     Colourscape, Gadfly Gallery, Nedlands, Western Australia

1999      Intensification, Moores Building, Fremantle Western Australia



1984     Eberndorfer Kultursommer, Eberndorf, Austria

1985     Lightwork Installation, Bleiburger Stadthalle, Bleiburg, Austria

1992     Tuttle Mansion Art Centre, Auburrn, California, USA

1993     Brendas Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1999     Kompost (The Heap between Ecology and Art) Fremantle Arts Centre, WA

2000     Time- Emit, The Honeyclock, The Moore’s Building, Fremantle, WA

2000 – 2003 The Viridian Project, Ecological Art, Kellerberrin, WA

2005     Buddha in Honey, George Street Gallery, East Fremantle, WA

2005     Supermart, Breadbox Gallery, Northbridge, WA

2014     Dark Light, with Tom Mueller (Zweitgeist), (Packenham Street Art Space), Fremantle, WA

2017     Seaborne - contemporary performance/ritual with artist and curator Tom Muller (Zweitgeist)



2008     The Power of Stories, published by Floris Books, UK

2008     The Writers Passage – a journey to the sources of creativity, Integral Art Press

2012     Global Hive – Bee-crisis and compassionate ecology, Integral Art Press

2016     The Delphi Project - collective imagination and its uses, Integral Arts Press

2017     Taliesin - recovering the poetic self, Integral Arts Press



1999     Immanent Triangles and Squares in ‘Mathematisch-Physikalische Korrespondenz’ Nr. 197 (International Journal for Mathematics and Physics) pp3-24,         Switzerland. 

2000     Elaboration on the Theorem of Morley in ‘Mathematisch-Physikalische Korrespondenz’ Nr. 203 (International Journal for Mathematics and Physics) pp26-34, Switzerland

2000     Kompost Down Under, in “New Views” 2nd Quater 2000 pp26-24, Great Britain

2008     The First of Tales, in eye – magazine (early childhood educator), Great Britain

2010     Childhood and the Future, in eye – magazine (early childhood educator), Great Britain

2011     Bee Crisis – World Crisis, in Queen of the Sun, Anthology, Clareview Books, Great Britain

2013     Compassion Collapse Disorder – in Earth Matters, journal for the renewal of Agriculture

2014     Imagination and Childhood -Pacifica Journal, Number 46, Volume 2, Hawai, USA



2000     First Prize for ‘It was you,’ Festival of Love Poetry, WA State Literature Centre, WA

2000     For my Mother,’ Significant Merit, Southern Cross Literary Competition, Ballarat Writing Council         

2001     First Prize, Write Away Poetry Competition, State Literature Centre, WA

2002     ‘Buddha in Honey’ Commended Entry, New Media, Newcastle Poetry Prize National Anthology, NSW

2008     First Prize for ‘The Earth from Space’, C.J. Dennis Literary Award,

2009     ‘Maritime Museum,’ Highly commended at the Bruce Dawe National Poetry Competition



2000     ‘Boyagin Rock’ Highly Commended, Banjo Paterson Writing Award, Banjo Paterson Arts Council

2004     ‘Rottenest Museum’ shortlisted for Tom Collins Poetry Prize, Tom Collins Writers Centre

2005     ‘Ginos’ included in FAWWA (Fellowship of West Australian Writers) 70th Anniversary Anthology         ‘Lines in the Sand’

2006     ‘Outback’ one of three poems selected for West Australian Anthology: ‘Weighing of the Heart,’   OOTA

2008     ‘The Plagues in 2007,’ Commended entry Peter Cowen 2008 Patrons Prize

2008     Poem ‘Perth’ selected for ‘Filed of Ideas’ Installation in Wolfs Lane, Perth

2009     12 Poems from ‘West-East,’ selected for a master class with John Kinsella (The Next Stage)

2009     'Salt’ selected for dotdotdash

2010     ‘The Conspiracy of Crows’ selected for Indigo Journal, WA

2012     Writer in Residence at the Fellowship of Australian Writers WA, Swanbourne, WA



2002     The Sermon of Spices, Mundaring Weir Hotel, Mundaring. WA

2003     The Edge of the World, Darlington Hall, Darlington, WA

2007     Poet Essences, La Tropicana, Fremantle. WA

2007     Downpour  – installation/performance and video clip, Fremantle, WA

2007     Directed the community-festival drama ‘Knights of the true Fire’

2007/2008 Director of ‘The Bee Master’, a play written by Jennifer Kornberger

2008     Directed ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ Perth Waldorf School

2008     Directed  ‘Our Town,’ Perth Waldorf School

2009     Directed ‘Bardo of the West’, School of Integral Art, Perth

2009     Directed the community-festival/drama ‘The Winter Shoes’, Perth

2011     Directed the community-festival/drama ‘Esclarrmonde de Foix’, Pyrenees, Spain

2011    Directed the community-festival/drama ‘The Two Flutes’, Parkerville, Perth

2011    Directed ‘High Altitude’ by Jennifer Kornberger, Pert

2012    Intervention at Tom Mullers ‘Capital City’, Heathcote Gallery, Heathcote, WA

2012    Reimagining Perth, Perth Poetry Club, Northbridge

2012    Fremantle Poems – Voicebox, Fremantle

2012    Accidental Monuments, Performance Talk, PSAS, Fremantle

2014    Tides of Change - National Trust, Heritage Festival, Swan River Cruise, WA

2014    Directed 'Scenes from an Unseen World - a ritual for place' by Jennifer Kornberger, Bibra Lake and Parkerville, WA

2015    Co-director with Jennifer Kornberger of 'Oraculum - ritual to renew time', Perth Waldorf School Hall

2016    Guest Poet at Perth Poetry Festival

2016    Performed in 'Forest of Poets', Perth

2017    Co-director with Jennifer Kornberger, '22 Pillars', Fremantle Biennale, PSAS, Fremantle 

2018    Poerty reading in Athens with Stavros Stavropoulos and Panigiotis  Galanopoulous 

2018    Featured storyteller at Storytelling at the Sound Temple Mundaring, WA

2019 Co-director of theSlovenian/ Australian coproduction SOMNUS for the Fremantle Bienale 

2021 Performer and co-director of The Rehearsal for BRINK festival, Naval Stores, Fremantle



Imaginal Literacy – the imagination and its uses

The Earth As Artist – reimagining the planet we live on

Compassionate Ecology – the fusion of science and art:

Story Medicine and how to make it

The Honeyclock – time and how to tame it

The Bee that Rang the Bell

Core-Creativity - nature, culture and the artist in us all

Tides Of Change – an eco-poetic presentation (with Jennifer Kornberger)

The Topography of Story - recovering the poetics of place

Biography – the inevitable artwork 








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