The Beemaster by Jennifer Kornberger



2002     The Sermon of Spices, Mundaring Weir Hotel, Mundaring. WA


2003     The Edge of the World, Darlington Hall, Darlington, WA


2007     Poet Essences, La Tropicana, Fremantle. WA


2007     Downpour  – installation/performance and video clip, Fremantle,WA


2007     Directed the community-festival drama ‘Knights of the true Fire’


2007/2008 Director of ‘The Bee Master’, a play written by Jennifer Kornberger


2008     Directed ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ Perth Waldorf School


2008     Directed  ‘Our Town,’ Perth Waldorf School


2009     Directed ‘Bardo of the West’, School of Integral Art, Perth


2009     Directed the community-festival/drama ‘The Winter Shoes’, Perth


2010     Directed the festival/drama ‘Esclarrmonde de Foix’, Pyrenees, Spain


2011     Directed the community-festival/drama ‘The Two Flutes’, Parkerville, Perth


2011     Directed ‘High Altitude’ by Jennifer Kornberger, Perth


2012     Intervention at Tom Mullers ‘Capital City’, Heathcote Gallery, Heathcote, WA


2012     Reimagining Perth, Perth Poetry Club, Northbridge


2012     Fremantle Poems – Voicebox, Fremantle


2012     Accidental Monuments, Performance Talk, PSAS, Fremantle

Our Town by Thornton Wilder, PWS